When will my order ship?
We try to have your order ready as soon as possible, but we usually say 3 business days from ordering to shipping. 

Who do you ship your packages with?
We ship with postnord. 

Why don't you have more products on your website?
As a new company we aren't able to have thousands of products on our website from the start. We get deliveries every week and update our website with both new and out of stock products regularly. To be sure that you're not missing out on anything sign up for our newsletter or follow us at instagram @geekywonderland.

I'm looking for something specifikt that I can't find on your website, can I contact you and see if that's something you can't get to your website?
Send us an email to info@geekywonderland.com and we will see if we can get the product you're looking for. We respond as soon as possible.

How many codes can I use in one order?
You are only able to use one code (free shipping, 10% off etc) at a time since you are not able to use codes together.